The X-Files Retrospective

The truth is out there, probably…

This week on the Comics That Exist Podcast we dive into
The X-Files with a retrospective of some of our favourite
episodes from the original nine seasons. This is the first
episode of a series of shows in which we will be discussing the new
“The X-Files” miniseries over the next few weeks.
Join James and special guest Nick McDowall as we trust no one
and question everything.

This first episode is full of spoilers from the original nine seasons
and especially full of spoilers on the eight episodes we cover in depth.
To avoid spoilers we recomend you watch the series or at least the
episodes we discuss, and if you still get mad at us for spoilers,
apology is our policy.

-The Host Seaon 2 Episode 2
-Nisei Season 3 Episode 9
-731 Season 3 Episode 10
-Jose Chung’s “From Outer Space” Season 3 Episode 20
-Home Season 4 Episode 2
-Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man Season 4 Episode 7
-Dreamland Pt 1 Season 6 Episode 4
-Dreamland Pt 2 Season 6 Episode 5

Let us know about your favourite episode and why in the comments below!

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Episode 9 Online Privacy

Today we talk about Online Privacy. Enjoy!

Show notes (Relevant Links)

Alanah Pearce contacts harrassers mothers –

Developer threatens Gabe Newall –

Really old talk on the Star Wars trailer

Super Science Friends –

Ball Droid Tattoo –

Loish –

Hobbit Cassette Collection –

Astonishing X-Men Josh Wedon –

Episode 8 James’ E3 2015 Impressions

Today James talks about his e3 Impressions. Which games he’s excited for and how he felt about the conferences.

Below are links to all relevant game trailers.

Smash DLC

Earthbound Beginnings

Fallout 4

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Fractured But Whole

Kingdom Hearts 3

Star Fox Zero

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Triforce Heroes

Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing Amiibo Party

Metroid Federation Force

Mario Maker

Cuphead and Mugman