The Horror Anthology Series Courage the Cowardly Dog

Join us for this branch series of the Comics That Exist Podcast as we delve into various forms of horror genre content to explore the stories, themes and characters as well as discover why we came to be inspired by these works. For this series James will be joined by two fellow animators Logan Davis and Matt Catherine, all of whom are coming together to create an animated horror anthology releasing this fall.

This week we will be discussing the animated series Courage the Cowardly Dog created by John R. Dilworth. We chose a small selection of episodes to cover and there will be extensive spoilers for these episodes so if you’d like to follow along you can check out the episodes listed below.

Episode 0 (Pilot) The Chicken From Outer Space

Season 1 Episode 1a A Night at the Katz Motel

Season 1 Episode 4b Freaky Fred

Season 4 Episode 7 The Mask

We hope you enjoy!

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