The X-Files There`s a Monster in it

The truth is out there, probably…

This week on the Comics That Exist Podcast we continue ourdive into
The X-Files with episodes three and four from the new Miniseries.
This is the third episode of a series of podcasts in which we will
be discussing “The X-Files”.
Join James and special guest Nick McDowall as we trust no one
and question everything.

This episode is full of spoilers from the episodes three and four
of the new miniseries as well as spoilers from the original nine
seasons. To avoid spoilers we recomend you watch the episodes we
discuss, and if you still get mad at us for spoilers,
apology is our policy.

-Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster Season 10 Episode 3
-Home Again Season 10 Episode 4

Let us know what you thought about the episodes and what you hope
to see in the finale in the comments below!

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